New to the range?  Check out these safety videos to help you get started and know what to expect.

Violation of these rules will result in dismissal from the range and revocation of your range privileges. Trigger Time LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason at any time.


1. Treat every gun as though it were loaded.

2. Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times while in the range.

3. Keep all guns pointed down range at all times. Keep your finger OFF the trigger

until you are on target and ready the shoot.

4. Minimum age for children is 12.  We allow ages 8 & up on Tuesday only.

5. Never move forward of the firing line. If anything falls in front of the firing line

contact an employee for assistance.

6. Keep the action of your gun open while handling, inspecting, or making adjustments.

7. All guns are to remain holstered or bagged until you are in your shooting booth. Load, unload, and fire only while inside the shooting booth. There is NO gun handling outside of your booth.  ALL WEAPONS MUST BE IN A HOLSTER OR BAG.  No exceptions!

8. If you have trouble with your gun, tell one of the range officers. Do not bring the gun into the store area. Leave it on the shooting table pointed down range.

9. No one under the age of 18 may use range without parent. No one under the age of 21 may rent, possess, or fire a handgun without an adult over the age of 21 present. If you are between the ages of 18 and 21 you may possess and fire a rifle.  For safety reasons, in order to rent a handgun you must either come to the range with another person or have a handgun in your possession.

10. No rapid fire. One shot every three seconds.

11. No drawing from holster or shooting from the hip.

12. No pistol grip *only* shotgun or rifles. If your gun has a folding stock, it must be extended and used. Tactical shotguns and rifles are acceptable as long as they have a shoulder stock.

13. Minimum target distances: (Handgun 7 yards) (.22 rifles and shotguns 15 yards) (Centerfire rifles 25 yards).

14. Rifle caliber handguns must be shot in the rifle range. (minimum target distance is 25 yards)

15. If at any time you see any action by another customer that is unsafe or anything in this facility that you believe to be unsafe, please bring it to the attention of the range officers or the manager immediately.

16. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs may come in the store or range. Anyone who appears to be under the influence will be instructed to leave.

17. Convicted felons may not use the range.

18. It is your responsibility to insure that you do not shoot the ceiling of the range. You will be held responsible for any damage you cause to the range or range equipment. Target hangers are $50.00, carriers and cables are $100.00.

19. Please clean up after yourself. Push your brass out in front of the firing line or put it into the brass buckets. Throw your targets into the trash.